Mental Health & Wellness



Community Resources

Below is a list of resources that can help you or your loved ones:

All organizations listed under Community Resources are not affiliated with PTTC & do not report to our organization.

Path to Recovery

The path to recovery can be a long one, with many hardships along the way. It is a difficult journey not only for the person with a substance use problem but for their family and friends as well. No one should go through this by themselves and you don't have to. Below are a few resources to help you or a loved one:

Still not sure who to reach out to or what to ask? Here's a few article's that may help:


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Managing Stress

Balancing work and school can be stressful. This can impact the state of our mental health and even our physical health. For this reason it is important to learn how to manage stress.

Some helpful tips to reduce stress include:

  • Making sure to focus on what is within your control

  • Avoiding excessive worrying

  • Taking a break from social media and the news

  • Going for a walk outside (or joining the UA Local 393 5k Running Club)

  • Reaching out to a friend

  • Taking a break


Want to read more about how to manage stress? Here's a few article's on this topic:


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Parenting is the most important and hardest role you will ever have and unfortunately there is no fool proof method of parenting. Most of us have wondered if there's a better way to parent. Below are a few articles and resources we found useful when we needed guidance:

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