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Peer support offers a unique level of acceptance, understanding and validation not found in other professional relationships and it is through sharing lived experience peer supporters can help others not only in times of crisis but aid in establishing and reaching professional and personal goals (SAMHSA).  We are blessed to have a community that compassionate cares for one another.  Our goal is to provide our peer supporters with the training to be able to help others all the while destigmatizing asking for help.


The 393 Peer Supporter hard hat sticker signifies to the community that this individual has received training and is a safe person to confide in.   

Strength is within our community

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Join Us!

Congrats to Our 393 Peer Supporters!

UA Regional class for Advance Peer Support Training.  

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Our inaugural group of 393 peer supporters after a weekend full of training!

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Upcoming Training

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Press Release - Peer Support Training 01-13-24 to 01-15-24_Page_2.png

Peer Mentorship Within Our Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship program is a commitment and the transition of balancing on the job training, classroom instruction plus home/personal life can be difficult.  Our peer mentorship program within the apprenticeship pairs a more senior apprentice with apprentices that have just begun the program.  We hope to cultivate connections with incoming apprentices as well as provide them support/guidance.  

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