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What is Grief?

Grief is the pain associated with loss.  This does not always mean sadness.  It can mean anger, regret or even a lack of emotion (numbness). Grief is often in reference to death but can be associated with a loss of anything, i.e. occupation/financial stability, community, health/physical ability.  Grief is an inevitable part of life.  According to the Mayo Clinic, its various stages is individualized but the pain will eventually temper as time passes.  

When to Seek Help

Loss and grief can be disruptive to your life.  Grief is also not linear and it is situational base and there is not a norm to compare your experiences with.  So if you are uncertain, reach out to a health care professional for help.  There are many services that can help with processing grief from 1-on -1 counseling, peer support or or self-help programs.  

Resources & Services



Website :
Call: 650-321-5272
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Phone: Monday-Thursday: 9am - 4pm (PST) / Friday: 9am - 1pm (PST)


Kara is a bay area organization that helps individuals find appropriate grief counseling.  Their focus is grieving from a death. Their services are free to the individual (except for 1-on-1 counseling which fees are on a sliding scale).  Consultations, peer-to-peer, group sessions, and emergency grief counseling for organizations are all free.    

What to Expect

When calling the phoneline you will be received by a staff member at Kara.  They will ask you several intake questions.  

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