Title 24 Certification


   In partnership with The California State Pipe Trades Council and The United Association, the Pipe Trades Training Center is proud to be an Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider. 

California Code of Regulations, Title 24:

   As of October 1, 2021, acceptance testing must be done by a certified Acceptance Test Technician. 
An Acceptance Test Technician is a Service, Start Up, Controls or Installation Technician that has been trained and certified by an Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider to perform nonresidential acceptance testing for Mechanical Systems (Title 24, Part 6, Section 120.5).
   An Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider (ATTCP) is an entity that is approved by the California Energy Commission to provide training, certification, and oversight services for technicians and their employers.


Title 24 Course Track


Start, Test & Balance

   No project is complete until the equipment is properly started.  The mechanical system must be tested, balanced, and adjusted.  It must be verified that all components are the bid-accepted equipment specified and that each item is in good working order.  For the sophisticated, efficiency-driven mechanical systems of the 21st century, this is a daunting task, but one that a graduate of this course will be able to endure. 


GPro Certification

   People who build, renovate, and maintain buildings need to understand the principles of sustainability combined with trade-specific green construction.  Skilled, knowledgeable workers will be positioned to work in accordance with new regulations and to meet the expectations of owners and tenants who want healthier, environmentally sustainable, and energy-efficient homes and offices.  Graduates of this course will have ascertained that knowledge base.

*STAR & GPro can be taken out of sequence but both must be taken prior to Energy Audit


STAR HVACR Mastery Certification

   This Study Guide course is designed to help you be successful in taking the UA STAR exam. The exam is based upon a detailed job task analysis yielded 13 subject categories consisting of 90 different task descriptions. The UA STAR exam is comprehensive and designed to test the knowledge of the experienced technician. The successful UA STAR test candidate is the technician who has completed UA training and has gained several years of field experience. 

*STAR & GPro can be taken out of sequence but both must be taken prior to Energy Audit


Energy Audit Certification

   Where energy used to be treated as a limitless, cheap commodity, efforts are now concentrated on energy conservation, cost cutting, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.  Innovation in equipment and system controls has allowed us to improve energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort, health, or safety.  These strategies, however, rely on the skills and knowledge of technicians who must identify opportunities for increase efficiency and implement the most cost-effective retrofits.  Graduates of this course will be able to identify and perform the tasks needed to accomplish this.


Title 24 MATT Certification

   Take the course and then a proctored exam to earn this certification. Valid for three years.

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