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What is an EAP?

An EAP or an Employee Assistance Program is a voluntary work-based program that offers free, confidential, assessments, short term counseling and referrals for personal and work-related problems.  Ultimately it is an investment your employer/organization makes to benefit the overall well-being of their employees/members.  Because there is no cost to the employee/member, it is a great place to start when you are seeking resources or services.  Many EAPs have an online platform where employees/members can login in to access resources.  Some recourses include articles, videos and webinars/virtual courses.  You can also find access to counselors within your network or at a discount.  

Does UA Local 393 have an EAP?

As a part of UA Local 393's Health & Welfare plan, active members and early retirees have access to Health Advocate EAP.  You will need a member login to access Health Advocate.  Reach out to the hall if you have not received or have forgotten your login. 

Resources & Services

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Health Advocate (Employee Assistance Program)

Website :

Member Login:
Call: 1-877-240-6863


Live Chat Available

APP Available in Apple App Store or Google Play

Phone Available 24/7 / Live Chat Available Monday - Friday 5:00 AM to 6:50 PM / Email Responses Monday - Friday 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Health Advocate is an Employee Assistance Program whose goal is to simplify and personalize the healthcare experience to improve health outcomes.  UA Local 393 has partnered with Health Advocate to create a personalized resources for its members.  There are a variety of topics members can get resources on.  There are topics specific to physical health like general risk assessments and healthy recipes to things specific to mental health like depression or emotional support for anger and conflict with your relationship.  There are also topics specific to the workplace like conflict resolution, effective management or work life balance.  Members access this platform via Health Advocate's website or through the APP.  Health Advocate is completely confidential.  Please Note: Health Advocate is not a healthcare provider or healthcare insurance.

What to Expect

In regard to counseling, UA Local 393 members have access to 3 counseling sessions per issues, per year.  For example, 3 sessions on parenting issues then 3 sessions on work stress (for the year).  Members also get 30 minutes with a lawyer and a financial specialist.  If members have multiple issues, they can request an additional 30 minutes.  There is also 4 free hours of in-person training available.  There are also lots of articles, activities, videos, etc. available on the platform that they can access as many times and as often as they want.  Health Advocate is also available to your spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in law at no additional charge.

When calling the Health Advocate EAP number, you will be connected to a representative. You will be asked your name and your employer/organization to confirm access.  The representative can then connect you to resources associated with your specific topic.  You will be provided a list of service providers that qualify for the 3 counseling session and your insurance (in the case a medical or behavioral provider is requested.  The representative can also help find available appointments and if necessary, assist in finding long-term support. 

Phone is the recommend mode when trying to obtain your counseling sessions since chat and email are only available Monday - Friday during specific hours. 

Searching for topics is easy. Once logging in, find the top right search box.  Type in the topic you are looking for resources on.  Items related will auto populate.  Click the topic and it will take you to the results.  

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