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Technology Courses

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Procore for the Field

Course Description

Procore for the Field will be an 11-night journey into the construction management tool Procore.  Procore is becoming industry standard and has been utilized in many projects through the world.  It will continue to be a next-level tool for today's piping professionals. 

This software helps journeylevel field professionals navigate all project documents, drawings, models, and RFI's but also does so much more.  Procore was designed to aid the daily tasks of construction workers and enhance planning, communication to the construction team and collaboration with other trades on the job. 

In This Course

  • Navigate the interface

  • Access project drawings, submittals and more

  • Create and track RFI's

  • Create and post daily logs

  • Create and track punch lists

  • Collaborate with other trades to avoid schedule conflicts 


  • Pass Windows Skills Assessment Test


Our class​ will take an existing project and we will manage it from cradle to grave.  Upon completion, students will have a well-rounded understanding of Procore's wide -ranging capabilities to make your daily tasks easier, solve problems and coordination issues in less time and help build successful projects. 

At the end of the class, students will be able to test for and earn Procore's Field Worker Certification. 


Downloadable Tutorials

Video Resources - Using Windows 10

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The premier podcast on Construction technology and a partner to the Pipe Trades Training Center.


The ConTechCrew podcast features news about what technologies are shaping our work lives as well as interviews with leaders and innovators that are changing the way we build.


The B1M is the world's most subscribed video channel for construction.

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