Apprenticeship Orientation

Mandatory Apprentice Orientation Courses are held at the Pipe Trades Training Center. These short classes are meant to guide you through our enrollment process . Below is a short overview of all the mandatory steps you must complete before you can begin your apprenticeship. Specific due dates will be sent to you shortly after you receive a call accepting you into the apprenticeship.


This is the first step to becoming an apprentice, where you sign all required training agreements & take a photo for your school ID.

Union Heritage:

A 3-hour, two night class on the history of Unions.

Canvas Orientation:

This self-paced orientation is mandatory to begin classes, here you will learn the basics of Canvas, the online learning platform we use to support your online learning. This will house the majority of your study materials and enable you to review class material on your own time.

Apprentice Handbook Overview:

Here you will learn the rules & regulations of the Pipe Trades Training Center and your apprenticeship, as well as, learn about the resources available to you. To view the apprentice handbook click here.

10-Hour OSHA:

Offered through Click Safety this self-paced online course doesn't allow you to complete more than 5 hours in one day.

Foothill & FAFSA Registration:

This self-guided registration process is required for enrollment in the apprenticeship. For more information click here.

Anti-Harassment Training:

A California state-required training which ensures a safe place for our students and gives you a pathway to report harassing conduct and inappropriate behavior.

Workbook Training:

In this one hour training you will learn how to submit your on-the-job-training hours via online workbooks. To learn more about this process click here.

Laptop Introduction:

In this quick, one hour class, you will be given a laptop to use throughout your apprenticeship and will be shown how to access your school email and Canvas.